The manual is both an introduction to the Attack Sub simulation and a reference manual. It’s divided into two parts so you don’t have to read it all the way. complete and concise user’s manual, reference card, and install guide possible. Each chapter of chapter, you’ll learn how to detect, classify, and attack a submarine. ADD MULTIPLAYER SUB: Place a (I) for a multiplayer mission. To play Attack Sub, you need an Amiga with at least one floppy drive and. K of memory. See the manual for more information on Plot. Projection.

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Under new leadership, Yugoslavia attempts to reform their economy and widen their autonomy. Use the frequency analyser to display the sound signature of your current 688 attack sub manual.

A mouse is by far the easiest way to play the game. The vertical gauge along the right side of the view screen shows your depth relative to the ocean floor. It is important to understand Mk 46 Torpedo US Range: The 688 attack sub manual is well-versed in tactics as well, and is good at crossing thermal layers, throwing you off, sneaking behind you, or running and regrouping when you have the upper hand.

Attack Sub – Wikipedia

688 attack sub manual the activate button again to start the arming cycle an icon of the type of torpedo in the tube will appear. Here’s no way to know whether you’re precisely in a shadow zone or not, but your best bet is to hide just below the thermal layer. Cavitation is extremely noisy. You should now be in the Radio Room of the Los Angeles. It’s possible to run aground – somewhat embarrassing for a submarine commander.

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The marker buoy floats on the ocean surface and transmits a sonar “ping”, informing you that it’s over the general location of the SSBN. Remember that a damaged system is damaged for the duration of the mission.


After you fire the missiles, you must rely on your own cunning to escape through the narrow, heavily patrolled passage out of the Baltic Sea. A number will 688 attack sub manual marking the waypoint. You will be able to test yourself against your friends with the MODEM option, or take the Con of the faster, deeper-diving soviet Alfa class ships.

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Four 76 mm attzck guns; four 30 mm twin guns SAM’s: The disadvantage of dragging towed arrays is that they oscillate at high speeds creating a good deal of noise and produce drag. We suggest you start with scenario one, the training exercise.

Depth charges, two DC racks Guns: Missiles are loaded and launched the same way torpedoes are. 688 attack sub manual, submarines rely on sound to gain information about the things around them.

In combat, your crew is too busy running the sub to repair anything. Zoom out by selecting O until you see a letter on 688 attack sub manual top-down map. The farther you move the handle to the left or right, the “harder” i. If you think it’s worth the risk of detection and in beginner mode, it probably isyou can go to periscope depth and raise your periscope to confirm a hit the blood and guts brand of suh does this just to watch the flames rise.

Also, 688 attack sub manual must be at a range at which you could easily destroy the if you had to. The player takes command of a US Los Angeles -class or Soviet Alfa-class nuclear-powered attack submarine and plays ten missions ranging from into either Cold War scenarios or combat missions in a hypothetical global conflict. Note that some of the specifications sb been altered to balance game play, particulary the maximum depth of certain Soviet submarines.


Select it again manaul retrieve janual. Consequently, the has more map controls then the Alfa. Situations may arise in which you absolutely must accelerate quickly despite the fact that your towed array is deployed.

Follow the intructions you see on the screen. The target’s range, speed and depth are still a mystery. In the top left hand corner, the HUD will also tell you aub direction your periscope is currently pointing. Giovi 0 point DOS version. 688 attack sub manual

The mission will end once you’ve successfully evaded your opponent for the 3 minutes or after the 20 minutes time limit is up. The temperature falls quite rapidly below the thermocline until it 688 attack sub manual a thin layer near the bottom the permanent thermocline.

If you arm the 688 attack sub manual tubes from the weapons control panel for instance, the weapons control officer will report to you when the torpedo is ready to fire even when you’re looking through the periscope. How fast the target is going. There are 10 different missions set in the geographical powder kegs of the world’s oceans. The Navy wants you to make a lasting impression on the Russians – you must pass through the western edge of the Strait undetected by Soviet subs.

All submarines must do certain things: In the event of an attack, you’ll have to quickly perceive what the biggest threats to the convoy are and deal manuaal them first. Carried primarily by 688 attack sub manual but also by cruisers and frigates, the ASROC consists of a ballistic rocket carrying an Mk 46 torpedo.