Gigi tiruan cekat a.k.a Dental bridge. at Orange Dental Care Palembang. · December 15, ·. Gigi tiruan cekat a.k.a Dental bridge. 59 Views. 1 Like1 Share. Status gingiva pada pasien pengguna gigi tiruan cekat di RSGM PSPDG Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Sam Ratulangi Manado. 2% DAN TEKNIK PENCETAKAN DENGAN BAHAN POLYVINYL SILOXANE TERHADAP AKURASI DIMENSI MODEL GIGI TIRUAN CEKAT.

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Gigi tiruan cekat the author Login required. View Journal Statistics from StatCounter. How to cite item. About The Author Riemawati A. There are 51 sample that fulfill inclusion criteria. This treatment can be successful if periodontal consideration of the abutments and the fixed restoration is given.

Dental fixed restoration therefore play a significant role in maintaining gingival and periodontal health. User Username Password Remember me. This study gigi tiruan cekat conducted by secondary data from medical records of pre-user fixed denture patients at RSGM UMY on periode time april 1st – march 31th A migration and a tooth rotation render an immoderate space that leave a gap between teeth as an outcome.

Email this article Login required. Abstract The main gigi tiruan cekat of the treatment with fixed restoration especially the crowns and bridges is to gigi tiruan cekat the remaining teeth of dentition and the whole masticatory system. Periodontal pocket is a disease of periodontal attachment unit that is caused by the apical migration of the epithelial attachment. The purpose of this study was to describe the health status of periodontal tissue Plaque indeks pre-user fixed denture patients at RSGM UMY based on gender.


Plaque control must be maintained regularly and the occlusion must be checked at regular intervals after the fixed prosthesis is inserted. Some features of this site may not work without it. The adaptation of the margins and the contours of the restoration, the surface smoothness, the embrasure and the pontic of a bridge, have a critical biologic impact on the gingiva and supporting periodontal tissue.

Jurnal Kedokteran Gigi

The other disease that involve the tooth supporting tissue is called periodontitis, it can be preceded by long standing chronic gingivitis. Article Tools Print this article.

Abstract Loosing one or more teeth without placing a new gigi tiruan cekat tooth as its substitutes or disregarding its treatment causes a migration and a tooth rotation.

The main aim of the treatment with fixed restoration especially the crowns and bridges is to maintain the gigi tiruan cekat teeth of dentition and the whole masticatory system. Periodontal atrophy occurs as a result of repeated traumatic that cause reduction in height of periodontium.


Based on the result of this study it can be concluded that health status of periodontal tissue gigi tiruan cekat indeks in pre-user fixed denture female patients have a better result than male. A dental plaque is resulted from a remained food left in the gap. All gingival and periodontal diseases and trauma from occlusion must be eliminated before restorative procedures are begun. Collections Department of Dentistry. The most common type of periodontal disease is gingivitis that usually caused by bacterial plaque attached to tooth or crown surface.

The occlusal relationships change with time as the result of micromovement of the natural dentition and the wear of restorative materials. Trauma from occlusion presents two predominant clinical features, increasing tooth mobility and widening of the gigi tiruan cekat space.

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Dental fixed restoration and periodontal health are inseparably interrelated. The periodontal of a tooth are gingiva, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and cementum.