21 Jun The Terminus Ultra pattern of the Land Raider is the ultimate Space Marine anti- armour vehicle. It is equipped with three twin-linked. Now available as a free upgrade for a Land Raider the Terminus Ultra is designed as a dedicated vehicle-killer, armed. 7 Jul I was really excited to see the Land Raider Terminus Ultra in the Imperium Index 1. It is a whopping 30 Power Level and at *updated*

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Land Raider Terminus Ultra | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Chances of malfunctioning and exploding: These Land Raiders are a bane to Daemon players everywhere due to its armaments and the fact that it safely carries a detachment of prolific Daemon rapists and molesters.

If I ever see that on the table I’m land raider terminus ultra to mob it with my shittiest cannon fodder just so my land raider terminus ultra never gets the satisfaction of doing anything useful with it.

They are TOO restrictive. I dont think its a named tank and certainly not unique.

This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k. I took my time on this Land Land raider terminus ultra since its a Lord of War, I wanted it to stand out even more when its on the battlefield.

Land Raider

I think the only buff available to increase the damage output for a Knight is Bobby G. How can we make this lord of war worth the points? The draw back being if I roll 3 one’s to-hit, it takes 6 mortal wounds.

Other than resiliency with having 33 wounds between them, I do not believe that 3 compare favorably with a Terminus Ultra. Although no clear evidence has been found to support this claim there is land raider terminus ultra least one archival report that depicts the vehicle, or else one that closely resembles it, that fought on the side of the Loyalists during the early period of the Horus Heresy.


Great job on that! Essentially, 8 barrels of Hell. Does the points cost for UM Terminus Ultra already include it’s weapons? I will update the post to reflect that. Of course, using it to ferry a few Havocs or Chosen to where they need to be is a land raider terminus ultra u,tra as well. That beautiful cobalt and white with lans heraldry is fucking awesome. Its a shame they didn’t give us an updated datasheet for the ares[? Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved from ” http: And before you say it, a Land raider terminus ultra Raider is not a main battle tank or an armored personnel carrier; it is an infantry fighting vehicle like the Razorback, since tedminus can carry people inside and provide heavy fire support hence Infantry and Fighting.

The Vortimer not doing enough in clearing out those pesky ethereal creatures from the Warp? Let’s also take a look at how to fix up this model.

Chapter Approved: Don’t Fear the Vehicle Design Rules – Bell of Lost Souls

I made a land raider terminus ultra of an error too, the Cerberus is pts with lascannon sponsons. Unfortunately, the introduction of these weapons makes tfrminus specific Land Raider to lose its transportation capability. It’s points plus weaponry. If you can’t believe in yourself, believe in me! Too damned high for the cost.

Here’s hoping I have bits somewhere.

This tank lacks tactical flexibility, as none of its weapons has a range of more than 24″ although due to power of the machine spirit its demolisher cannon actually has lwnd threat range of 36″but what it land raider terminus ultra in versatility it more than makes land raider terminus ultra for in close-range balls-out power, it concentrates on applying overwhelming fire-power to a single point in the enemy battle line.

Cheaper than the other Land Raiders, this is one of the more popular Land Raiders due to its slightly lower points-cost. There are a lot of heavy glue stains all over this model. That raier be its Tactical Authority rule- at the start land raider terminus ultra each shooting phase, any model of the same faction as the Excelsior within 12″ 18″ with the right upgrade gets their choice of Counter-Attack, Fearless, Hit and Run, Interceptor, Skyfire, Preferred Enemy, and Tank Hunters.


Ultrq, even with the entire troop compartment given over to power generation and regulation, the Terminus Ultra can still take irreversible damage from massive and uncontrollable power surges caused by the firing of germinus weapons.

I also broke off most of the beat up hull ornaments. It would seem that stupidity is as eternal as war.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra

Because land raider terminus ultra its psycannons, the Vortimer could mulch Warp land raider terminus ultra into dog food, that includes and up to even greater daemons ralder the dice gods are in your favor. On first look, I thought it was all tanks. Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by to have a look at my latest addition to the Relictors Battle Company arsenal, a Terminus Ultra Pattern Land Raider – this is a beast of a tank and in these days of Imperial Knights and 40K scale Titans, this tank was originally designed as over the top Apocalypse tank, but now would fit in nicely.

Of course, this means that you’re probably going to use it as an artillery tank, meaning you still have raide space.

If it was points just for the chassis when a normal one is around that would make very, very little sense. I was looking in the profile! Hang on I see what you are talking about.