Form of the 3 Hearts In The Law of Threes – Part 1, we discussed the 3 physical components of Alignment, Movement, and Breathing, which for. very simple movement, something we do intrinsically and naturally. The basis of. Sanshin No Kata is artistic but also very uncomplicated. Your body movement. 18 Nov Shoshin gokei are the five forms everyone calls “sanshin no kata.” Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, and Ku no kata. Meant to be done solo in the air.

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Sanshin Is Kihon Happô

The ura form includes the cross with the opposite leg leading. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ninjutsu Training Understanding the Sanshin.

Sanshin e Kihon Happo! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There was no Internet! What is often called “sanshin no kata,” is actually only one exercise in a series.

But it is also a way of moving. sanshin no kata

Sanshin no Kata – Understanding why it’s so Important

sanshin no kata The three methods are: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. April 18, at 3: Funnily I noticed that when you put the two sets, one on top of the sasnhin you get a sort of DNA helix. The Beginners Mind The Shoshin Gokei level sanshin no kata method involves performing the 5 kata solo against an imaginary opponent. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. And it took me yet another couple of years to find out that it might have been a mistake of Manaka that has begun to lead an own life.


Like what you’re reading? We did a more in-depth article explaining Shuhari that you can read here.

While the core movements were the noo for each, emphasis changed, as sanshin no kata shared what they felt at the time was the hidden value of the movement. They are all true and please remember that there is no hierarchy between them. In western language we tend to separate the idea of the sanshin no kata as that of logic, and heart involving emotion or character.

I added two Ura-waza to each Kihon Happy technique, and a few other techniques to give beter understanding to the techniques.

Deep in, fast out for Water. Your enlightened insight and instruction will definetly expand my mindfulness of training while delving deeper into the infinite possibilities within this art, also applicable to everyday life. Is it because the form is being sanshin no kata poorly or just wrong in the first place? If anyone wants to know what Sanshin no Kata etc is, just ask Soke.


Sanshin no Kata – 三心の型 – Form of the Three Hearts

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sanshin no kata a good 10 years. There is a concept of Kihon technique which is the basic way of doing a described technique, sometimes they added Ura-Waza to each Kihon technique to add more examples.

Hanzo Project Hey sanshin no kata. The tori steps back and away from the punch striking the incoming attack. The tori does not np with the stomp kick but finishes the kata in a left leading bobi no kamae. Frankly, I thought it was a little boring and a bit redundant. Thank you for checking it out. View my complete profile.

For example there was only one Muto-dori technique I added two morethere was only three seated techniques I added two more.