22 Mar Marc, the Earl of Rutherford, is content having numerous affairs with married women and widows. But to hold on to the title of earl, he must find. Marcus, Earl of Rutherford, is used to flirting with scandal, but when he places Miss Fellowes spotless reputation in jeopardy he is challenged to do the right. 1 Aug The Earl of Rutherford was used to flirting with scandal. But when an act of charity placed his charge’s spotless reputation in jeopardy, Marcus.

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By the time I went home I had an idea floating around in my brain and I sat down and roughed out some sort of chapter plan.

In the end, scandal might have been unavoidable, but I was disappointed in him that it never even crossed his mind until one of the local women very vocally turned her nose up at Meg because of it. Dec 25, Kesha rated it liked it.

THE DUTIFUL RAKE 1: Harlequin Comics – Elizabeth Rolls – Google Books

It was fhe a pleasant read… I think… although roolls hero and heroine spend a lot of time in their own heads! Started reading this and after about pages, I realized I had read before, but I was enjoying it so much, I read it again! This is the second book I’ve read by Elizabeth and I’m neither disappointed or ecstatic. Click here to see the rest of this review. Jan 25, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Dec 15, Jhenn rated it really liked it Shelves: Meg’s smile was perhaps the loveliest the dutiful rake by elizabeth rolls ever seen, and the glow in her eyes made him feel wildly out of control.


I do have to say that Marc’s sister was a pleasant surprise.

The Dutiful Rake

I liked Jack much better in this book than his own story. Need to see how I the dutiful rake by elizabeth rolls about the next one I read. I was expecting more of the “Woe is me, my life is now ruined because Dutiflu trapped marrying a simpering virgin” type of vibe from our Marc our herobut he was like “Meh.

Two very stubborn characters. I knew the ending was coming but dutivul way she wrote it it wasn’t predictable. There are also… a lot of ellipses. Refresh and try again. It started off so well!

The Dutiful Rake Book Summary and Study Guide

Puneet Monga rated it liked it Apr 23, The middle was so annoying I almost stopped reading. Readers can visit her website at: Well, that was an eye-opener. I need an heir anyway so why not? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jul 29, Elaine rated it really liked it.

However, they fall in love and Marcus wants to renegotiate the deal, but has to e,izabeth his spouse even while his enemy sniffs after his beloved wife like a prize. Because of her ignorance and his fear they spend quite a few pages seriously misunderstanding each other. It never explained this. The characters are very underdeveloped. However, the superb historical romance insures that the initial look at the lead couple is elizsbeth away the dutiful rake by elizabeth rolls that the true inner essence of kindhearted caring love buddies emerge with the twist that Marguerite has the scandalous background.


I was annoyed by the main characters. We live in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, in a ekizabeth lush valley full of apple, pear and cherry orchards. The Earl of Rutherford was used to flirting with bj. I gave the dutiful rake by elizabeth rolls one more star because I enjoyed the ending and the secondary characters. Book would have been so much better without the constant miscommunications. I found the scene in the beginning where Marc is trying to get her out of her drenched clothes while she’s struggling to stop him a little disturbing.

It was a bit predictable at times, with obvious foreshadowing, but on the whole, I enjoyed it.